Business continuity

Business continuity

When disaster strikes, your organisation needs the ability to carry on.

With the unpredictability of weather, strikes, pandemics and disasters, it's an ever-present challenge to enable your people to work and communicate as usual - especially when they're prevented from getting to an office, meeting or store. Added to this are risks that exist inside your office such as a fire, gas leak or power outage.

The prominence of unified communications and mobile working is already extending your core communications and applications to your people outside the office. But even with ubiquitous connectivity as the norm, if the demand is sudden and excessive, your work, communications and customer services can be at risk of costly interruption.

Be better prepared for the worst.

We can help you prepare for the worst by removing the ties to a particular location. When your people can work equally well inside or outside the office, you can ride out and recover from an external event or problems much more easily. We can also help you to take advantage of the cloud – this ensures that you aren’t utterly reliant on any single system or infrastructure.

Everyday continuity.

Having a highly resilient solution also helps your day-to-day operations run better; resilient systems and platforms with highly available services aren’t just for major incidents – they help deliver against your other business objectives, helping people to work productively anytime and anywhere.

We don’t think business continuity should be just for unforeseen events – by putting in the right access, connectivity and communications systems your people can always be effective anywhere, and being able to survive a disaster becomes just one additional benefit. Let us help you both in good times and in bad.