Customer relationships

Customer relationships

Good customer service means survival, but great customer relationships mean competitive advantage.

There is no short cut or single solution for building good relationships with your customers. Every organisation needs to really understand your prospects and customers, then create an experience which exceeds their expectations.

For example, an insurance company may hardly ever interact with customers except through their website or in their contact centre - so these touchpoints become vitally important. Alternatively, a hotel chain may see that a staff delivering friendly and enjoyable and consistent experience to customers during their stay can build loyalty in a way even the best contact centre experience cannot.

You need to be able to look at a wide range of capabilities to build your customer relationships.

Establish the customer relationships you want to build.

Our experience and independence mean we can give you access to a variety of technologies. We can work with you help you select those that support your strategy for customer relationships, rather than sell a limited solution set which then limits what you can do for customers.

Communicating with customers the way they want to.

Customers expect to communicate with you across multiple channels, often using several media during a single interaction! Our experience in deploying effective multi-channel platforms means we deliver an infrastructure which lets you manage this increasingly complex environment. It can help you track customer journeys across channels meaning you can become more responsive. We equip with with the tools to manage and monitor the customer experience seamlessly; rather than receiving multiple reports from multiple different channels don't offer the 360 degree picture of your customers.

Be consistent.

Managing different channels with different agents (and different skills sets) can lead to an inconsistent service and customer experience. You need to ensure the same information is provided to agents, regardless of the channel being used, or give your contact centre manager the tools to establish and monitor agent performance. We can work with you to deliver a service that is consistent across all channels.

Empower agents to deliver great service.

Your agents often have to battle with multiple applications with different levels of complex information – making it hard to deliver good service. With our extensive, application integration skills and access to knowledge management solutions or advanced scripting solutions, we can ensure that your agents have the right information on their agent desktops . Time can be cut from calls, as agents don’t need to ask multiple questions to identify users, or can easily access the key information.