Azzurri Communications has strong showing in Network Services Framework

New public sector procurement framework awards Azzurri places in nine of the ten ICT Lots

London, 4th August 2015: Azzurri Communications, the managed communications services provider, today announced that it has successfully secured a place on nine out of the ten available lots on the Network Services Framework (RM1045). The new framework, which went live in July 2015 and is operated by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS) on behalf of the government, enables any public sector body to procure ICT services from credible, vetted providers.

The framework enlists suppliers and pre-approves their capabilities, assessing companies based on experience; company size; reputation; adherence to standards; financial stability; and compliance with the law. Public sector bodies assess their own requirements, and approach providers in the appropriate lot for proposals, which are typically awarded based on the most economically advantageous tender.

After a full evaluation of its capabilities, Azzurri was awarded a place in the following Lots:

Lot 1 – Data Access Services (Wide Area Networks)

Lot 3 – Traditional Telephony (Calls and Lines)

Lot 4 – Inbound Telephony Services (Geographic and Non-geographic numbers)

Lot 5 – IP Telephony Services

Lot 6 – Mobile Voice and Data

Lot 7 – Paging

Lot 8 – Video Conferencing

Lot 9 – Audio Conferencing

Lot 10 – Integrated Communications (UC)

This is hugely important for Azzurri in several ways,” says Chris Jagusz, CEO of Azzurri Communications. “Firstly, it of course gives the business access to a huge addressable market in the public sector. Secondly, it is testament to the breadth of our portfolio, the quality of our partnerships, and the strength of our references. We are delighted with this exceptional result, not least because it unequivocally shows Azzurri to be more than capable of competing and succeeding on the largest of stages.

The latest procurement analysis from the CCS anticipates total spend through the framework over the next four years will be in excess of £3bn with an associated savings target of £556m over the same period.

Being recognised in this way is also a very clear demonstration of the quality of our people,” continues Jagusz. “The Network Services Framework rewards strong performers, and the impressive portfolio and strong references that it looks for are only possible when the team is operating to a very high level.

The Network Services Framework is anticipated to deliver savings in excess of £500 million for departments and the public sector. The new framework will provide simplified access to network and telecommunications services, replacing the existing PSN Services, PSN Connectivity and Telephony Services agreements. The Network Services Framework lasts four years and is designed to replace the Public Sector Telecommunication Services (PSTS), Public Services Network Connectivity (PSNC) and Public Services Network Services (PSNS) frameworks, with which it will run concurrently for a time after PSN was extended.