Eliminating network bottlenecks for good

Wi-Fi first, cloud services, UC and other factors are putting increasing strain on your network, here we look at the steps to take to ensure connectivity and productivity is unaffected.

Network faults and issues are becoming commonplace in the increasingly connected working environment of the enterprise. The result is that your people become ever less productive, more frustrated, and prone to laying the blame at the IT department’s door. But this doesn’t have to be the case!

These ‘network bottlenecks’ – places in your network where the smooth continuous flow of data suddenly stops – are time consuming, inconvenient and disruptive to the everyday rhythm of office work. They come about either because the volume or the type of traffic wasn’t fully understood in the first place, or simply because the use of the network has changed.

After all, the way in which networks are used now is significantly different to the way in which they were used five years ago. So, where do we start in proactively ironing out the network bottlenecks?

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