View our latest infographics including the facts and figures around key communication trends like BYOD, Multi-channel contact centres and more.

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Infographic: ISDN is dead, long live SIP

Infographic - SIP vs ISDN

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The demand for SIP is on the rise, with IT increasingly beginning to eschew traditional ISDN channels. SIP isn’t the new technology on the block anymore but its expansion has reached a tipping point. In this infographic, we examine the decline of ISDN vs SIP and the causes for it.

Infographic: BYOD vs CYOD

Infographic - BYOD vs CYOD

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CYOD overtaking the BYOD bandwagon? View the key findings of Azzurri’s independent research project of senior decision makers from 224 organisations across the UK to find out what IT leaders are really doing about personal devices in the workplace.

Infographic: Multi-channel trends

Infographic - Multi-channel trends

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To find out what’s really going on in the UK, Azzurri commissioned an independent research firm to poll contact centres on their use, and opinion of, Multi-channel communications. This rush to communicate in so many ways is leaving organisations exposed as they struggle to join the dots and deliver good quality, joined up service to their customers.