Six things to avoid when selecting a UCaaS provider

With a wide variety of cloud UC options available, it’s hard for CIOs to pick the right solution - here we highlight six things to avoid when selecting a UCaaS provider.

UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) promises to deliver a communications solution which enables greater productivity from the latest technology and services, without geographic constraints, while removing the need for capital investment and all without the headache of managing equipment or servers yourself.  But there are a number of common mistakes made and misconceptions about what you can expect when putting your UC in the cloud. If you make the wrong choice, it can make the reduce the benefits of UCaaS.

Gartner Market Guide for UCaaS in Europe 2014:

Organizations that are approaching the end of a hosted communications service contract should consider UCaaS, rather than extending the hosted service or returning to an on-premises-oriented sourcing and service model.

In this guide, we highlight six things to avoid when assessing which UCaaS provider and solution is right for you – so that you can enjoy the true benefits of UC in the cloud, now and in the future.

These include:

1. Avoid technology lock-in – technologies and customers will evolve, make sure you can too

2. Avoid inflexible payment models – this isn’t simply a Capex vs Opex debate

3. Avoiding managing multiple SLAs – don’t end up refereeing a fight between your suppliers

4. Avoid writing off existing investment – your existing handsets or IP telephony licenses might have value to your organisation, don’t write them off unnecessarily

5. Avoid taking risks with compliance and security – check credentials and don’t compromise!

6. Avoid keeping your UC in solitary confinement – UC integration with your essential apps and infrastructure is vital for productivity and performance.

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