Home and remote working

Efficient, productive, wherever.

It’s more likely than ever before that your employees will be out and about, rather than deskbound in the office. There are many terms for it - flexible working, mobile working or remote working. But what it means is that you’re challenged to make them as productive and available on the move, at home or on a customer site, as they are in the office.

Your people need a solution that works seamlessly, wherever they are. Our skill is in providing the technology and services to enablie your people to work together more efficiently.

Getting connected.

4G mobile hotspots are a great solution if you have a variety of devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones) and want to hook up to a 4G connection when you’re out and about or want to create your own mobile office in minutes. We can also provide the appropriate broadband technology with the right SLAs to ensure your people are well connected at home.

Holding virtual meetings.

We deliver mobile apps designed to give users access to audio conferencing and web conferencing solutions on their mobile devices or while on the move. We can help your workers to collaborate face-to-face over a distance through mobile video conferencing.

Boosting collaboration.

Our mobile UC apps help you work together more efficiently and easily wherever you are. Status indicators show whether someone is available, busy, away, or offline - so you can contact them at the right time in the best way.

Never miss a call.

Be contactable on a single number, with no need for separate land line and mobile numbers or to divert calls from one number to the other. We enable your calls to be automatically routed to your mobile by the corporate PBX.