Mobile devices and connectivity

Choose carefully!

Choosing the right devices, connectivity options and applications for your mobile workers can be difficult.

Get it right and you can drive greater productivity, increase user satisfaction and cut costs. Get it wrong and you can be paying for expensive devices they don’t use, connectivity that’s too slow and apps your people don’t need or like. We help you to formulate a mobile policy and strategy that gives your people and your organisation what they need.

When it comes to employee mobility, one size doesn’t fit all.

Understanding your people is at the heart of a successful mobility solution. Our independent advice helps you make the right decisions on your devices, operating systems and applications.

We work with you to create user profiles based on what work they do and how, when and where they do it. It’s not uncommon for employees to carry multiple devices for different purposes, so defining and assigning different profiles to the various types of users ensures you’re giving the right devices, connectivity, tariffs and functionality to the right people.

But it’s easy to get bogged down in the ever-changing details and differences between the various alternatives. Our expertise and broad portfolio means we can help you re-evaluate your mobile application and device choices and how you manage them.

Choose the right device.

We’re not tied to any particular device manufacturer or OS platform, so we can help you make the right choices without limitations. We can help you to understand whether a BYOD policy is appropriate or whether alternative ownership models such as Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) might be more appropriate.

Network independence.

No one network can ever be ideal for every possible customer location or circumstance so we have strategic partnerships with several UK networks.

Private connections.

Our mobile connectivity portfolio includes options to capture all mobile data leaving a device and route the traffic back to your corporate network.

Cellular coverage.

We can help you ensure you have the right coverage solutions – whether it’s for small offices, large offices, temporary offices, in vehicles or on the move.

Wireless and global connectivity.

Wireless is now the de-facto connectivity technology of choice for many workers. We provide intelligent Wi-Fi solutions that offer you the flexibility and security you need.

We also help your people receive fast, secure connectivity virtually anywhere they travel, domestically and internationally including inflight internet, hotels, airports and business venues.