Mobility and flexible working
Mobility and Flexible Working

Mobility and flexible working

Let anybody work anywhere, at any time.

You’re challenged to create a working environment, where employees are connected and effective wherever they are. Your people must be easily contactable and able to access key apps, systems and information on the move. This can speed up decision making, reduce response times and make your organisation more productive.

An effective mobility strategy helps you to better collaborate and communicate with your customers, partners and colleagues.

When it comes to mobility, one size doesn’t fit all.

Azzurri helps you build a mobility solution around the kind of work your people do, the way they do it and your organisation’s objectives. So whether you need to deliver cost savings, find ways to be more productive, tap into new talent pools (or any combination of different objectives) – we can build a solution to support you. We help you to:

  • Rationalise your mobile services and understand your usage, user behaviour, devices and costs
  • Deploy, manage, secure and support a mix of mobile devices types and applications – and ensure connectivity
  • Unify your fixed and mobile communications systems
  • Implement (and enforce) a mobile usage policy and device strategy
  • Adopt best practice for a ‘Bring Your Own Device’ policy
  • Embrace remote working.

We define the right devices, connectivity options and apps for your people, then ensure that mobile voice, mobile data and remote working services are integrated into a single, fully managed solution.

Enhance productivity and collaboration.

Offer secure access to your key business applications, information and services to mobile workers securely and reliably. This helps share knowledge across the business, reduce unnecessary travel and offer uninterrupted contactability.

Improve management and control costs.

More effectively monitor, manage, secure, police and reduce your mobile usage and costs.  This means no more bill shock.

Tackle the device challenge.

We can help you to cope with and devise strategies for the adoption of different mobile devices including tablets and smartphones from competing vendors (iOS, Android, Microsoft and more), or securely support your staff’s personal devices on your network.

The right connectivity.

Keep your people connected and productive when they need it most, wherever they are through cellular or wireless technology which has the right coverage and speed you need.

Managed mobility services.

We help simplify the challenge of running your mobile workforce by delivering fully managed Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions which brings tight security, centralised control and simplified management.