Mobility management and security

Organisations battle to keep up with mobile technology.

The business mobility landscape has evolved. Newer operating systems are rapidly replacing formerly dominant devices and management systems. iOS, Windows and Android offer a great user experience, rich feature set and abundant apps – but without the right systems in place they can upset the balance between employees' wants and your business needs.

Your people need the correct combinations of apps and devices to make them more agile and productive. But it’s easy to get bogged down in the ever changing details and differences between the huge numbers of options available. Our expertise and independence mean we can help you re-evaluate your mobile device choices and how you manage them. We’ll find the best fit solution to make sure your business runs more smoothly.

A mobile management service that evolves with you.

We partner with a number of market leading device management providers. These platforms enable complete flexibility for all aspects of your mobile management solution - from how the infrastructure is implemented (in the cloud, hybrid cloud or fully on-premise), through to a user experience that can be either native or a separate workspace. All of our solutions include the ability to:

  • Deploy, manage and secure all mobile devices centrally, regardless of type or OS. This includes BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Apple and Android
  • Manage and enforce polices over the air for both corporate and employee owned mobile devices
  • Enforce passwords and remote lock
  • Wipe corporate data, email or contacts if the device is lost or stolen
  • Securely store and view documents from corporate data stores – on-premise or in cloud
  • Separate business and personal apps and manage the entire app lifecycle from storefront, to authentication and retirement
  • Access corporate intranet content with a secure browser and without requiring a VPN client on the device
  • Enforce data loss prevention policies dynamically on mobile devices

Our solutions provide your users with the functionality and experience that is expected from a modern smartphone, whilst providing complete data security and the ability to effectively manage your mobile workforce.

We also remove the day-to-day management and support burden by providing Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) as a managed service – Azzurri’s ICON Mobilise is a single solution for all of your device and application management needs.