Proactive outbound contact

Be proactive to drive up satisfaction and reduce customer effort.

Proactive contact is an important part of the communications mix between you and your customers. And it’s an increasingly essential when it comes to forging deep customer relationships. But you must make sure you follow best practice to deliver a positive customer experience and remain compliant.

We’ve worked with regulators and industry bodies for over a decade to improve both the regulation and the experience for customers. We can apply our knowledge of best practice and our contact centre technology for uses ranging from collections, market research, account management, new customer acquisition or customer service notifications.

Compliant outbound contact centres.

We have years of experience developing outbound contact centres across all industry sectors and for a number of applications. We understand that you’re dependent on this technology to get the best performance from your agents and data – while remaining fully compliant. Our contact centre practice experts help you to achieve that balance you need – by optimising your data and adopting sophisticated calling strategies.

The right blend.

Outbound calls are now as much a part of the customer service experience as inbound –service updates, follow-ups, welcome calls and call backs are common activities. The division between outbound and inbound activity is quickly disappearing, paving the way for more blended operations and management. Now the same agents can manage a mix of inbound and outbound calling, alongside email, social media and web interactions.

We’ll support your blended contact centres with management platforms that automatically balance the load between inbound and outbound, while staying compliant. You can give inbound agents outbound work during quiet periods, or tackle unexpected inbound peaks by with generally outbound agents. Effective blending can improve your productivity, provide a better customer experience and ensure consistency of experience across channels.


Of course, outbound calling is an area which is governed by significant regulation.

At Azzurri, we’ve been working with the industry to develop many of these guidelines. We’ve worked with Ofcom and are heavily involved with the DMA in ensuring that best practice is embraced by the codes of practice, and lobbied to ensure that the needs of both customers and the industry are represented.

This puts us in a unique position to be able to support you in ensuring that you can be compliant with the UK and EU rules as soon as they are implemented. We ensure that you get the best performance from your contact centre, while remaining on the right side of the regulators.