Unified communications systems

It’s not only about how things work, but how they work together.

Communications have changed, and organisations who have recognised and acted on this are giving themselves a head start in a competitive landscape.

Your people are increasingly tech-savvy – the likes of presence, IM and video calls are now all second nature to them in their personal lives. Used properly, UC tools like these can make enterprise communications faster, more collaborative and more effective.

Unified communications (UC) has long since moved on from being an industry buzz word to being a way of life. You must have systems that tell you the best way to get in contact with someone, and then give you a range of communications options - by video, by phone, by IM, email – to do so. Then this all needs to be integrated, so that you can easily respond directly from an email to a phone or conference call, or share screens on the fly to improve collaboration. And this must be all delivered seamlessly and with a consistent user experience!

Aligning your communications with your needs.

UC has evolved beyond a standalone phone system with a number of extra communications services hanging off it. We’re experts at helping you to make the right next step from your incumbent system to a more fluid, integrated solution – at a pace and price that suits you.

As an independent provider, we’re experts in delivering Avaya, Mitel and Microsoft UC systems. We’ve been providing flexible UC solutions including these leading brands that are based on-premise, in the cloud or which combine both of these options for many years. Our experience and expertise across these platforms means we know the challenges that you face in moving on from your legacy systems. We can work with you to find a solution that lets you protect your investment, while capitalising on the real advances that have been occurring in telephony and communications technology.

Integration expertise.

We understand technology and integration. We’re experts in helping our customers to achieve consistent, seamless communications across complex technology environments, which often include services from multiple vendors.  And if provided as a managed service from us, you won't even have to deal with the vendors at all if you don't want to.

We also understand that new technology often has to supplement, not replace your existing services. Our breadth of expertise means we can either work with you on specific elements of your communications or help you with a full technology refresh. We can also help you troubleshoot your existing UC services to identify savings and increase performance with our Azzurri Communications Service Management tool.

By improving communications and collaboration, your organisation can move faster and work more effectively than your rivals.