Messaging, presence and collaboration

Speed up decision making in your business.

UC lets your organisation communicate and collaborate with customers, partners and colleagues in the most appropriate, effective way for any particular exchange or task. This might be by one-to-one or one-to-many communication, via conferencing, voice, mobile, audio, web, video or instant message – or any combination of them.

But to realise the benefits, you need to select the right technology, applications, connectivity and devices to support your users’ needs.

Azzurri supports you by designing, deploying and integrating the relevant technologies and services for your particular environment. We can handle the complexity, integrating your services effectively with your desktops, mobiles and also with email servers. You just enjoy the ability to speed up your business and make quick decisions.

Presence and messaging.

UC offers you the channel choice to suit different types of communications. Instant Messaging (IM) enables your people to use real-time messaging to collaborate quickly and cost effectively with colleagues. It’s likely familiar tool that they already use extensively in their social lives.

Presence indicates someone’s live status, showing whether they are available to talk or respond to messages and the best method for contacting them. Azzurri delivers solutions which enable your people to quickly see who is available and get swift responses across your organisation. By federating with partners or customer organisations, your users can also see the availability status of their people - accelerating your communication with suppliers, partners and major customers.

Collaboration tools.

UC solutions come in all shapes and sizes depending on the specific needs of your organisation. We’re experts at supporting a range of real time communication and collaboration tools which operate across a number of different channels. These can include desktop and application sharing services.

Azzurri enables a range of tools that don’t require a continuous live connection, including all different types of messages such as email and voicemail as well as document sharing, project collaboration, calendaring and enterprise social networking services.

We can also help you to integrate various collaboration tools with their business processes and applications - streamlining them and enhancing your productivity.