Telephone network services

Reliable, cost effective voice services.

Traditional telephone communications remain a fundamental and important service.

You must have the ability to make and receive calls and to be always available. You need to effectively manage and direct inbound calls and must be able to rely on your outbound services availability and quality.

We deliver a range of telephone network services that are reliable and competitively priced, with complete transparency and control over ongoing costs and usage.

We understand that you need to be able to provision new services, new technologies and make moves, adds and changes quickly and with a minimum of fuss. We provide you with the tools to monitor and manage your voice. And we respond quickly to your needs and always strive to deliver high level of service and resolve any issues quickly and painlessly.

Making the move to SIP?

Many of our customers are turning to SIP trunks as an alternative to ISDN30. SIP delivers a more cost effective, flexible voice solution that can support the more complex requirements of unified communications.

We deliver highly flexible SIP solutions which are compatible with all the leading IP PBX brands in the UK market. Our SIP services are more cost effective and flexible in terms of what telephone numbers you can have and the locations in which you can have them. They are quick to install and offer business continuity to ensure that your business never loses a call.

Delivered as a managed service, Azzurri’s SIP solution includes the IP connectivity, SIP trunks, number management and Sessions Border Controllers (SBCs).

Experts at cost effective voice services.

Whether it be outbound calls and lines, SIP or inbound telephone network services, we’ll make life less complicated by providing a reliable route for your calls, tailored call plans, hassle free migration of services and accurate management and billing information.

We can help you to:

  • Transition from legacy technologies to a flexible SIP environment
  • Deliver reliable outbound call services
  • Consolidate your calls and lines with a single provider
  • Identify an inbound solution which means you won’t miss a call
  • Measure, manage and reduce your fixed and mobile bills with our online tool ITEM.