Video, audio and web conferencing

Make collaborating easy.

Today, audio, web and video conferencing services are essential tools that boost collaboration between your people, enhance productivity and save on travel costs. Whether it’s a pre-arranged or adhoc discussion, these services make it easy to include key people in meetings and decisions wherever they are.

Introducing modern conferencing services is one of the easiest ways you can make people more effective and unlock cost savings. But having these tools is only the start. If your users don’t find them intuitive, easy to use and unified with your other communications services, they won’t use them.

Azzurri delivers a range of conferencing solutions that help you collaborate with anyone, from anywhere, at any time, from any device. We offer different services to suit your requirements and budget, including audio, web and video conferencing, plus virtual training, seminars and conferences.

Our extensive conferencing portfolio allows you to hold ‘virtual meetings’ efficiently and securely, as a viable alternative to travelling to a meeting. We help you fit the right services to your people and the work they are doing, then help you integrate, manage and support them.

Available and cost effective audio conferencing.

With our audio conferencing services, you can organise your conference call at any time of day - without any advance booking.

  • Available 24 hours a day
  • Available from any location in the world
  • No pre-booking required, this on-demand audio service offers instant remote meetings which can host up to 100 participants per call.

Intuitive, feature-rich web conferencing.

Web conferencing is a great tool for discussing a document or making a virtual presentation where people can’t gather in one location.

Azzurri’s web conferencing services, allow you to share documents, applications or your computer screen in real time and even allow other participants to take control of our computer, laptop or tablet devices remotely.

Web conferencing means visual sharing that can be used to:

  • Work collaboratively on a text document or a spreadsheet
  • Discuss project planning with multiple stakeholders
  • Demonstrate a new product
  • Provide technical support or training
  • Deliver a visual presentation

All our web conferencing solutions also offer video and hybrid audio, so you can see who you are speaking to and join a meeting either by phone or computer.

Intuitive video conferencing.

Some professional situations, such as HR interviews, medical diagnoses and board meetings, simply require face-to-face meetings with employees, customers or patients.

However, due to time and financial constraints, an on-site visit isn’t always possible. Thanks to Azzurri’s video conferencing you can put a face to a name and voice and really get your message across the way you intend it.

  • Increase the impact of your communication with virtual face-to-face meetings
  • Fast user adoption thanks to a web-based intuitive interface
  • High productivity and mobility of your entire workforce

Video communications offer a richer interaction and collaboration than traditional telephony or conferencing. Azzurri offers a range of video solutions including desktop to desktop video applications, meeting room video conferencing solutions and live or recorded video casting to large audiences.