Unified communications

Unified communications

If we’re not helping you do your job, we’re not doing ours.

Good communication helps your people to be more productive, more responsive and able to collaborate more effectively with colleagues, partners and customers. But take the systems which enable your communications for granted and you can get left behind. Communications technologies are changing, and changing the companies that are using them.

Unified communications (UC) brings together different types of communications into one cohesive solution that enables you to make contact faster to deliver the best outcome, using the best channel for that communication.

Capitalising on the latest communications technology can be complex to deploy and integrate. You may need more resources to manage them effectively or to drive cultural and behavioural changes in your organisation and people to get the best out of your solution.

Azzurri works with you to deliver a communications infrastructure that lets your organisation become faster, more flexible and more efficient.

A better fit means better performance.

As an independent provider, we can recommend UC vendors that truly meet your needs, selecting the appropriate service for every situation. We’re highly accredited and experienced with Avaya, Mitel, Cisco and Microsoft and can weave all their available technologies into a solution that fits and delivers the best value for your business.

The simplicity of a single partner.

We think you should always enjoy the ease and quality of service that comes from dealing with a single point of contact. So while your ideal solution may blend the best technologies from a range of vendors, you’ll only ever deal with us.

Protect your existing investment.

To make the most of your technology investment, we know your new systems and services will probably need to work alongside existing ones. We’ll work with you to evolve and troubleshoot your current infrastructure and technology. Of course, if you prefer revolution to evolution, we can also provide a complete refresh.

Focus on people, not technology.

Our core business is about enabling people to work together more efficiently. To achieve this, we can help you deploy a wide variety of applications, services and technologies, including IP telephony, IM, presence and video conferencing.

Become more agile.

We work with you to deliver systems that help speed up your business. By highlighting the best way to contact someone at any given time, you can reduce wasted time on failed calls or unaswered emails and work with much greater agility.

Effective action from effective communication.

Mutual understanding is core to both good communications and ensuring people take the right actions. Sometimes a simple SMS text or an email is what you need to deliver a simple bit of information. At other times a face-to-face discussion is the only way to resolve a complex issue, whether in person or via a video chat.

Technology today offers so many more ways to communicate; you need to ensure that you make the right options available to your people. Our UC solutions are designed to fit your specific requirements. We enable your people to communicate how they need to, whether one to one or in multi-party conference, so that the necessary action is taken based on a quality communication.