Workforce optimisation

Working smarter, not harder.

Managing you contact centres involves juggling and prioritising different tasks and resources to make sure you’re getting results – and hitting your SLAs! Workforce Optimisation (WFO) provides you with the tools you need, but often getting the best out of your WFO investment is a challenge in itself.

Get WFO right and the rewards can be very high – your agents performance will improve, your resources are allocated more effectively and you’ll have clear visibility of the processes that keep your operation flowing.

We can help you to use WFO effectively to enhance your contact centre management and performance.

WFO solutions from Verint, Avaya, NICE and Redbox.

We work with the industry leading suppliers of WFO products; and then apply our contact centre expertise and experience to ensure that your chosen technology is delivering the benefits you need.

We make sure you can see what is really going on in your contact centre. This lets you make the best management decisions and ensure the right controls in place.

Uncover cost savings.

We can often help you to realise cost savings by using workforce management to make more effective use of your resources. These savings can be significant, one of our customers actually saved £1.3M per year through using real-time adherence workforce management.

Improved agent performance.

We help you to manage the skills, knowledge and attitude of your agents with advanced Quality Management services. Get the best out of your agents and ensure they deliver the service you want and your customers demand.

Simple, swift, sensible interactions.

We help you to track and analyse your customer interactions. This gives you a real insight into what’s working and what isn’t – and arms you with the knowledge to improve your processes.

We can also help you capture real customer feedback, so that you can adjust your services based on what customers really like.